PROJECT « I juggle frozen water »


« I juggle frozen water »
is a contemporary juggling show of about 50 minutes. The theme is the ice and this theme is share through a juggling and performance going from abtract to concrete. Those 2 ways of looking at this theme is one of the most valuable discovery of this experience. The juggling produced becomes personal, and the writing of the piece meaningfull.

That’s also what created the tittle, « I juggle frozen water ».

The word « I » is really abstract because every « I » is different.

The word « juggle » gives more of a frame, we speak about this skill of throwing a catching things often associated with circus.

The terms « Frozen water » finishing the tittle, are terms that wants to be more concrete and precise than « ice » which could be interpreted as a ice cream at least in the french language.

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First snow

Under a large blue sky, the white mist follows up the wind that has built a landscape of ice. As only possession a caring gaze, we venture into a new and frozen nature.
But it’s not an ordinary snow, it’s a piece of art that prevails and changes our perception as a new shade of our landscape.
It’s pure…
It’s fragile…

…It only takes a hot breathe to deconstruct this painting, bring it to life and see the green leaves of the trees. An ephemeral beauty that collapses nad starts it’s own fall, fast and unpredictable.

Slow and irreparable… »