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is a solo circus act which features the exploration of human limits, through very bodily juggling, mixed with dance and acrobatics. The elastic, as an object which allows the artist to maintain a concrete relation with the limits, was one of the main sources of inspiration of the juggling, but also of the music which was created by to the sound that the rubber bands can produce. A act where only one thing is remembered when the lights go out: The moments when the limits have been reached.


« I juggle frozen water »
I Juggle « Frozen Water » is an approximately 50-minute contemporary juggling show in progress.

The first theme of the show is simple: snow, winter…

Yet a second deeper theme, present in the very composition of the show and in the juggling, makes this artistic proposal generous: the abstract and the concrete, the imaginary and the real, the mind and the senses.

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I was born in France in 1997 and started exploring the circus arts at the age of 7 at cirqu’onflexe, the amateur school in Amiens.

There, I discovered the art of juggling, and also gained confidence in my means.

I continued to train in preparatory school for the CRAC in Lomme in 2015 and at the Fratellini Academy in 2016.

I then left France to enter the Stockholm University of Circus Arts where I was graduated in 2020.

This journey has been rich in encounters, experiences and I came out ready to live this artist’s life that I dreamed of.

I have now started to develop several personal projects, and I also work as an interpreter in international companies.




2017/2020 – DOCH – Bachelor – Stockholm
2016/2017 – Fratellini – classe préparatoire – Paris
2015/2016 – CRAC – classe préparatoire – Lille
2004/2015 – Cirqu’onflexe – école amateur – Amiens

Professional experience:

2020 Automn – Tvärslöjd Kompani Giraff
2019 August – ADHD Cirk Laputyka
2019 June – VerWarMe « Cirque de la Liberté » 
2019 April – Till death do us party JP Zaccharini
2017 April – « Apéro Cirque » Franck Dinet Fratellini
2007-2005 – Various amateur performances Cirqu’onflexe

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«Ben is a true artist who finds expression in his technique and who takes real risks which bring great results! I get excited about the future of juggling when I see his work.»

Jay's Gilligan

«Benjamin is a pleasure to work and collaborate with – generous, creative, inspired. He is as comfortable in an ensemble as he is solo. He was invaluable to the creation of this piece.»

John-Paul Zaccarini, PhD, Associate Professor in Circus, UNIARTS.

Benjamin has excellent analytical and thinking skills and is very creative. He is precise and methodical and he is open to challenges and to try new methods. In addition to being an exceptional juggler, he is an agile acrobat and has an innate sense of movement and musicality

Marie-Andrée Robitaille, Head of the Bachelor Program in Circus at DOCH (2009-2018)

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